Site Assembly Solution is the first fully online comprehensive land search package for the commercial land sector – so, currently, it’s unique.

Commissioned and designed by Millar & Bryce, Scotland’s leading provider of conveyancing searches, Site Assembly Solution was produced by thinkWhere. We at Millar & Bryce have established a strong working relationship with thinkWhere, the leading independent GIS consultancy in Scotland, over the last few years. Site Assembly Solutions is powered by groundMapper, thinkWhere’s latest, innovative cloud-based GIS solution. Along with thinkWhere’s online mapping and data services, Site Assembly Solutions combines the best of breed GIS expertise with industry leading land and property search expertise from Millar and Bryce. The combination of thinkWhere’s cutting-edge software with our expertise now allows land searches to be completed fast and with unbeatable accuracy. Results can then be accessed by the entire client team in the office, on site, at home – anywhere with an internet connection.

How it’s done

We start with an OS MasterMap base layer, to which we add essential layers of information including ownership, sasine search sheets, SNH classifications, World Heritage Sites and listed buildings. We also include legal document pdfs. You can opt to add data including environmental reports, public rights of way and commercial utility assets. One single-view report will then be made available to you, and all interested parties, online.